The Association of Hungarian Secretaries
The Association was established and registered officially in 1992.

Its aim is to join secretaries who are employed in any part of the country and to safeguard their interests, as well as to advocate their profession.

Its task is to support professional development of secretaries, to establish their post-graduate education, and to set up a network for professional information. Its goal is to set up extension training for secretaries, to help secretaries to gain higher qualification (Personal Assistant, Manager Assistant etc.).

It keeps regular relation with other professional associations in Hungary and abroad; arranges conferences and deals with secretarial training and employment problems.

The Association announces its standpoints through the press and other mass media (TV, etc).

Everybody who accepts the rules of the Association may be member of it if he/she works as a secretary or supports the professional organisation and pays regular membership fee.

The Association is a country-wide organisation which has
groups in Budapest and different country towns (e.g. Debrecen, Kecskemét, Veszprém, etc.). Such groups can be established according to territorial or professional basis. In 2001 such a territorial group was established in Nyíregyháza in the county of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg. The former group of Szeged has become independent and acts as ‘Csongrád County Group’. The Debrecen Group founded a Secretarial Consulting and Service Society in its county and is in this way member of our Association.

The main management body/board of the Association is the Annual General Meeting, the presidency (meets quarterly) and the officers elected.

The work of the presidency is supported by different committees, e.g. Auditing Commission, Educational Committee, Public Relation Officers, as well as the Committee for International Relations.

Members are informed by a monthly News Letter called: “Titkárnôi Hírlevél”, which is sent to every member. The News Letter gives information about all the news that are in connection with the Association, writes the decisions of the presidency and at the same is an opportunity for members to publish their views, suggestions or experiences.

The Association covers its expenses from membership fees and from sponsoring money gained through tenders. Membership fee is 2500 Ft/year, for students and retired people 500 forints.

The Association keeps contact with Ministries, training institutes for secretaries and partner institutions and has signed an agreement on cooperation with the Association for Fostering the Mother Tongue.

So far it has regular contacts with ÖSBM (Österreichischer Verband für Sekretariat und Büromanagement), and the German Association: BSB (Bundesverband Sekretariat und Büromanagement). It also has connection with the Slovenien Association for Secretaries and with one of the Dutch Associations. The Association as a corporate member keeps close relations with EUMA (European Management Assistants) since 2000.

An important event of the Association is the Annual General Meeting, and the Conference organised yearly in March. The Day of the Secretaries, which attracts great interest, is celebrated on the 24th May.

In 1997 it was an important step when the Association elaborated and the General Meeting accepted the ‘Guidelines to the Behaviour of Secretaries’, which is a summary and gives guiding principles for the work and behaviour of Secretaries and Manager Assistants.

Further target of the Associations is to organise further education for secretaries with reduced price and to support them to gain the State Qualification for Secretaries. The Association intends to achieve the right of participating in state examinations; and to take part in supplying young secretaries with professional practice, besides to establish more groups all over the country.
Contact Persons:

Mrs Agnes Sója
Chairman of the Association
Phone/Fax: 36-1-3262394

Mrs Gizella Magyar
Deputy Chairman,
Head of Committee of International Relations
Phone: 36-1-2655500
Fax: 36-1-2655502
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